Hearing Protection

Acoustic trauma and noise induced hearing loss are very common events as we are bombarded everyday by surrounding and environmental noise. Prolonged exposure to sounds exceeding a certain threshold can have damaging and long term effects on our hearing. It can also be instantaneous as a result of a singular event. Unknowingly, people can be exposed to sounds in their workplace or during recreational activities. Most common of which are: motors and fans operating at high level, machinery and power tools, firearms and hunting rifles and music (concerts, instruments or even from headphones). Noise can cause permanent hearing loss at chronic exposures equal to SPL 95dB or higher. Fortunately, this devastating disability is virtually 100% preventable: awareness and Hearing Protection.

Our Hearing protection portfolio is diverse and depends largely on the nature of the activity at hand. They are mostly custom made products where an impression of the ear is taken and a mold is fabricated. A filter is then fitted which serves as an attenuator of the noise to reduce sounds level back to the “safe zone”: Hunting and Shooting filters act as a shot kill mechanism that block the impulse noise from a gunshot. Music filters protect djs, sound engineers and even your average clubber from unsafe exposure by attenuating music across the frequency board all the while maintaining your hearing as to be able to converse and hear. These small preventative measures could make the difference between preserving your hearing or permanently damaging it.